External Influences Of A Qualified Workforce Essay

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Schools today have many external influences from stakeholders including parents, the community, and even the governmental bodies that preside over the school system in its respective state. The Baldrige National Quality Program lists several influences that can create challenges for schools such as changing demographics, increasing and/or decreasing student population each year, appropriation of funds, changing tax base, state or federal mandates that need to be followed, to competition of charter schools, and even recruitment and retention of a qualified workforce (Baldrige National Quality Program, 2007, p. 41). These influences offer several challenges to a school’s principal and staff. The principal and the staff have a responsibility to face these challenges in the most effective way.
Identification of Challenges
This information was gathered from an interview with Andrea Williams, Principal of Theresa Bunker Elementary School. As the interview began we discussed different types of challenges that all schools face, whether they be academic, financial, or logistical in nature. One rather inherited challenge that Mrs. Williams first made mention of is the challenge of recruitment, hiring and retention of teachers. She shared several facts that are a challenge to hiring teachers at this school including the fact that the school is in a rather rural area that is not a destination people tend to put in job applications to come work in the middle of farm country. She…

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