External Environtment Essay

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The External Environtment : Opportunities, Threats, Competition, Competitor Analysis

The main ideas: The external environtment affects a firms strategic action, the firms strategic actions are affected by conditions in other segments of it general environtment, such as the political/legal and physical environtment segments.
Requirement for implementing ideas: External environmental analysis This external environment analysis consist of 4 element : scanning, monitoring, forecasting, and assessing.
Scanning : Scanning entails the study of all segments in the general environment. Through scanning, firms identify early signals of potential changes in the general environtment and detect changes that already under way.
Monitoring :
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The Socialcultural Segment : This is concerned with a societys attitude and cultural values, because attitudes and values form the cornerstone of a society, they often drive demographic, economic, political/legal. And technologicak conditions and changes.
The Technological Segment : Technological changes affect many parts of societies, effects occur primarily through new products, processes, and materials.the importance of these efforts is suggested by the finding that early adoptersof new technology often achieve higher market shares and earnhigher returns.
The Global Segment : When studying the global segment, firms should recognize that globalization of business markets may create opportunities to enter new market as well as threats that new competitors from other economies may enter their market as well.
The Physical Environment Segment: This is refers to potential and actual changes in the physical environment and business practices that are intended to positively respond to and deal with those changes.
Industry Environment Analysis: a group of firms producing products that are close subtitutes. Typically, the industries include a rich mixture of the competitive strategies that companies use in persuing above avarege returns.
The Five Forces Of Competitions Model * Threat of New Entrants :

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