External Environmental Factors Of The Television Industry Essay

1316 Words Oct 4th, 2016 6 Pages
External Environmental Analysis As with any organization, Mission Television has a multitude of environmental factors which they must carefully identify and analyze to ensure they are prepared and able to deal with them. Of these environmental factors are a multitude of external environmental factors which can greatly affect the operation, development, and the success of the company. Although these factors are uncontrollable they are able to be research and analyzed in order for an organization to include them into their strategic plan. Mission Television has selected identified several economic, political, and social factors which have an impact on the organization. Each year ore and more families and individuals believe that they must unplug from television. This means getting rid of their T.V. or television providers all together. This external social factor can greatly effect Mission Television and the success of the organization. The television industry is extremely regulated, either by the FCC or all the way up to the federal government and congress. Each year new laws and regulations are put in place which can seriously affect television provider’s ability to render their services. Any new legislation or regulations could undermine and adversely affect Mission Television. The economy is the driving factor of this industry. Economic growth and the effects it has on the market can greatly affect the business. Strong economy which lends more disposable income into the…

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