External Criticism Of The Theory Of Caregiver Stress Essay

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External Criticism An external criticism is conducted in order to appraise the authenticity of a theory and how the external components of that theory relate to the world of nursing and the social environment. The external criticism of the theory of caregiver stress is based solely on the rational insight of each individual evaluator (Peterson & Bredow, 2013).
The theory of caregiver stress is complex, however, all aspects of the model are easily defined and clarified. Crucial and extraneous variables that influence caregiver stress are offered throughout and are easily relatable. The author offered a logical explanation of all variables and how the variables relate to one another. Family dynamics are often complex making the theory of caregiver stress complex (Lewis, 2014).
The caregiver stress theory only explores the development of the theory. Constructed using the RAM model, this theory is one of few middle-range theories that suggests a way to test the RAM in the area of chronic illness caregiving (Tsai, 2003). The RAM has been used by nurse researchers in the past to guide their studies (Tsai, 2003). Unfortunately, the use of this model to gain further knowledge on family caregiver experiences with a chronically ill relative has been limited. The author only applies this theory in the area of chronic illness caregiving. No other patient population that may require caregiving was identified or addressed.
Reality convergence The theory of…

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