Essay about Extension Team Grant Application : Final Report

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Extension Team Grant application – Final Report
West Virginia 4-H Exploring Georgia: Experiential Learning for Youth in Kanawha, Mason, Mercer and Wayne Counties

Team: Julie Tritz, Wayne County 4-H Agent, Lorrie Wright, Mason County 4-H Agent, Brenda Pruett, Mercer County 4-H Agent, and Sherry Swint Kanawha County 4-H Agent

Program Goals & Objectives

The overall goal of this program was to increase life skills and interest in STEM fields. Specific objectives involved youth participants to:
• be able to understand the importance of our actions with regards to the health of our environment.
• gain knowledge regarding salt marsh and beach ecology
• gain knowledge regarding the historical significance of Savannah, Georgia as one of the earliest settlements in the nation.
• develop a sense of belonging on the trip and to develop friendships with others on this trip

Program Plan

This program included the following:
• Arrangement of meetings and conference calls to discuss program content and logistics
• Development of registration materials and process of payment
• Development of a budget to guide income (grants, registration fees) and expenses
• Development of a program and educational content
• Development of evaluation tools to capture outcomes and impacts
Part of this trip focused on STEM sciences through environmental and experiential education offered at the 4-H Burton Center and programs offered in historical Savannah, Georgia. The itinerary is described:
• Day 1:…

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