Essay on Expression Of Warmth Throughout Different Cultures

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Expression of warmth in different cultures - Camilo
In general, parental warmth is related to parents’ expression of affection through smiling, praise, open communication, and positive encouragement. However, parents may value and express warmth, including affection, care, and concern, but the reasons why and the specific ways they do it may be highly variable and infused with cultural meanings across different cultural settings (Cheah, Li, Zhou, Yamamoto, & Leung, 2015). Thus, immigrant parents beliefs regarding warmth usually have to involve constant negotiation between the values and practices of both mainstream and heritage cultures. Chinese immigrant mothers’ responses were interpreted as reflecting a cultural emphasis on nurturance and instrumental support, whereas European American mothers’ responses reflected the Western cultural focus on more direct and outward demonstrations of warmth (Luk, King, McCarty, Stoep, & McCauley, 2016). Although parental affection can be demonstrated physically, verbally, or symbolically through care, comfort, nurturance, and support, measures of warmth most often focus on parents’ physical and verbal expressions. Thus, cultural difference specifically in parents’ perceived level of expression rather than valuing of warmth.
Literature Review
Parental warmth has been found to be continuously associated with more positive outcomes in children, including better management of internal problems, and proper self-regulatory…

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