Exposure Therapy Is A Common Method That Has Been Effective For Helping Those Who Have Reap Related Trauma

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“Exposure therapy is a common method that has been effective for helping those who have reap-related trauma. During this therapy we teach you coping techniques such as deep breathing and relaxation before asking you to remember the event in as much detail as possible. Exposure therapy is done in a safe environment with a therapist who will be able to control the amount of exposure you experience and we stop if your feelings exceed your coping abilities. Over time, the memories lose the power they had over an individual and become distant memories that can no longer control the individual’s life. Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) explores emotions such as mistrust of others, hyper-vigilance, detachment, withdrawal, rejection, avoidance, and emotional numbing. All of these factors may contribute to the loss of your social network. Restoring a social network is critical for rape victims — supportive social relationships are one of the most powerful resiliency factor that protects against many stressors. We use short-term techniques such as discussion and mapping out the loss of the social network and discussing techniques and coping strategies that can be used to restore it.Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) addresses negative thoughts about the rape and shows how they affect your feelings and behavior. This therapy focuses on distorted, irrational, or inaccurate thoughts related to self-blame and other rape-related beliefs that may have developed since the rape. You will be taught…

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