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International trade, technology transfer and firm competitiveness: A comparative study of Zimbabwe exporting and non-exporting firms.


Michael Kamoyo

Chinhoyi University of Technology

Lecturer: Department of Marketing

mkamoyo@cut.ac.zw ; rumbi12@yahoo.co.uk

Tel: 263 67 29442


better positioned to adopt and assimilate international trade related technology because they possess better technological capabilities in the form of

The paper examines the preparedness of exporting and non-exporting SMEs in harnessing the technological opportunities availed by international trade. Using cross sectional data for 131 SMEs, a logistic regression analysis was done to ascertain the extent to which factors like, technical
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Imported technology can enhance international competitiveness of both exporting and no-exporting in developing countries. The importation of technology by developing countries is an indispensible input in their production as they cannot operate properly, or achieve high growth without imported technology (Zhang and Zou, 1995). Countries like Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Turkey, India, and Mexico, industrialized by borrowing technology rather than by generating new products or processes (Amsden, 1989). To that effect the growth model appropriate for late industrializing countries should incorporate foreign imported technologies to augment domestic technological innovations. Although Tesfayohannes and Temtime (2002) noted that technology transfer plays a significant role in strengthening the competitiveness and profitability of SMEs in global markets the assimilation and adoption of foreign technologies at firm level may not be even because of different technological capacities. Therefore, national technology policies should take into account these differences for national economic development to succeed.

Technological needs for Zimbabwe’s manufacturing sector

The Zimbabwe Science and Technology (S&T) policy focuses on, stimulating the generation of scientific and technological capabilities in all sectors of the economy in

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