Explosives Forensics Essay example

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Explosive Forensics

Daniel Glass
Criminal Investigations
Professor Barbara Bailey

August 21, 2011

Explosive investigations have changed over the years, from first being searched out by visual with law enforcement to today’s advanced technology devices. It has gone from knowing the type of explosive to being able to identify a specific manufacturer. Even today it continues to advance and evolve to become more helpful in finding and punishing the individuals responsible.
Bomb detection has been as issue throughout history since the inception of mass detonation devices. At first the main method was through looking at the shape of the device since the explosives were large and had a defined look based on the
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Human The idea of having humans to test for things stems back centuries to people tasting food for royals to ensure no poisons(Marshall, M. & Oxley, J., 2009). The Human aspect required the ability to detect the bomb in the pre-use stage through the investigations through informants as to who was making them, or in mass transit areas looking for odd shaped packages or bags. Otherwise wise it would be after the fact to gather as much evidence to perform tests using colored detection papers looking for the trace elements of the chemicals used (Marshall, M. & Oxley, J., 2009).
Animal Detection Using animals for detection has been around for centuries as well as humans, canaries were used in mines to warm of toxic fumes, dogs, bees, dolphins and rodents are use to search for different drugs, and chemical components. Dolphins are used by the U.S. Navy to find mines and underwater bombs using their sonar. Dogs are the most popular due to the heightened sense of smell. Dogs need to be trained to detect specific explosive components, drugs or such by using samples to teach them what to look for in the search. It is an effective method and has been very successful. The dogs are used the most because of their reliability, portability and affordability (Marshall, M. & Oxley, J., 2009).
Colorimetric Detection Another method which was designed for the military was the use of reagent papers. It is able to detect the compounds but is not perfect since other items can

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