Essay about Exploring Transportation During The Great Nation

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Exploring Transportation in America How people move from one place to another has changed juristically since the beginning of Unites Stated history and still continues to change today in America. From land travel to travel by water, the method used by the American people seems to be ever changing. With the limited variety of ways to commute, people haven’t always had many options to choose from with how they got from place to place. Transportation has helped to shape America into the great nation it is today by allowing for the exploration of the nation, giving people the freedom to move to all corners of the country, and making travel a practical, daily, and affordable luxury (Opposing Viewpoints Series: Cars of America). Early in American history, little was know about this large, new world. To find out just how massive and diverse this new land was, explorers used boats, horses, and wagon to travel across the country. In the beginning of the westward expansion, settlers would transport their families across the Appalachian Mountains by means of horse drawn wagons. However, only until after the American Revolution, westward expansion was very limited. The journey was very daring and risky, along with the fact that their means of transit was very unreliable. Since the journey was so unpredictable, a group of adventurous settlers created what was known as the Appalachian Trail in the early 1920s to late 1930s. This trail was designed to help future settlers to have…

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