Exploring The Therapeutic And Psychological Benefits Of Writing

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Autobiographies, by definition are personal chronicles depicting the life of an individual, but what about truth? Is it acceptable to enhance reality and interweave a degree of creativity and imagination into the narrative to produce a more interesting and compelling story?
These are all essential elements I considered when drafting the narrative. After all this is not my own personal experience. However, it is a creative enactment of a genuine tragedy. Subsequently, I used a variety of ‘creative elements’ to coalesce intellect, truth, memory and imagination, to depict a semblance of verisimilitude to portray the emotions of every mother’s worst nightmare. The death of a child.
This critical commentary will reflect on the techniques used in creating, crafting and structuring this narrative. Furthermore, this commentary will focus on the problems I encountered with the composition of the storyline, and discuss how I overcame these difficulties.
Moreover, this reflection will analyse the therapeutic and psychological benefits of writing in this ‘Creative or Autobiographical Life Writing’ genre. In addition, I will discuss how ‘Life Writing’ and ‘Journal Writing,’ can be salutary to personal and professional development and will analyse how writing can be used as a psychotherapeutic dimension to aid the ‘grieving’ process for people facing this difficult situation.
To discuss this theory in more detail this paper will consider the core texts of the module, ‘Writing the…

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