Exploring the Importance of Traditions in Richard Wagamese’s Keeper’n Me

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Any relationship goes two ways to keep our life in balance, and also affect our life whichever of family or culture. As Bernice Weissbourd says: “Because it’s not only a child is inseparable from the family in which he lives, but that the lives of families are determined by the community in which they live and the cultural tradition from which they come.” In Keeper’n me, for instance, Garnet Raven who was taken away from his family to a series of white foster homes when he was three. Garnet’s experiences as a result of the oppressive political and social policies. Moreover, Keeper as a storyteller tries to pass the message of traditions and a way of life to guide Garnet, who arrived in White Dog reservation with anything but Native, …show more content…
He felt lost in White society and tries to escape reality of being an Indian in respect that he doesn’t know how to be an Indian and never meet a “real” Indian until he back to the reservation. In this book, Keeper’s voice initiates the story that there is something to be learned about people, himself and his purpose. Keeper teaches Garnet the religious beliefs that helps him to find a balance in his life, and Garnet follows Keeper’s teaching to learn to become a storyteller that he will keep and teach Native traditions. Garnet follows the “Teachings. The blazes made by them that went before. The signs that mark the path we’re all supposed to follow. The path of the heart. The path of human beings. The red road” (Wagamese 305). To Garnet regard the loss of culture and the old teachings should follow it in order to be at peace with nature and people around us. It shows Garnet that his culture is decline and that he has a chance to become a keeper to teach and bring back the traditions. It also realizes the benefits of learning the way of Ojibway and being connected to his culture. The religious beliefs give Garnet a good sense of spirituality that he finds a culture to belong and knows himself about what he desires to be and how to do it. The character development is one aspect of learnings that affect Garnet’s identity in spiritual ways. The setting and character development that Garnet experiences in the story help

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