Exploring The Importance Of Intersectionality Essay

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Exploring the importance of intersectionality Has there ever been a time where intersectionality hasn’t played an important role in the realm of feminism? If I were to examine the three waves of feminism, I would have to say that intersectionality did not play an important role in the first wave of feminism, because it was centered around the advancement of a specific group of women. Feminists became more aware of the importance of intersectionality in the second and third waves of feminism, because of the collective realization that “women” cannot exist as a homogenized group. Becoming aware of intersectionality aids in bringing about a consciousness of the different forms of oppression and how they exist today. When I began this class, I honestly had no clue what intersectionality was and why it was so important to feminist discussion. The mindset that I had was: white men were responsible for the oppression of women, but that white women did not suffer in the same manner as a minority/woman of color. I never evaluated the role that sexism, racism and classism played in the oppression and discrimination of “women” as a collective group. In Lorde’s perspective, I was somewhat perpetuating the idea of a “mythical norm”: that “thin, male, young, heterosexual, Christian and financially secure” men were responsible for the sufferings of women, without examining the reasons why they hold that level of power. *expand on Federici reading**
The reinforcement of this norm…

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