Exploring The Concepts Of Adlerian Therapy Essay

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Due to numerous unavoidable circumstances, children grow under extremely diverse environments. Whereas the majority of children are exposed to healthy surroundings, others encounter various forms of traumatic events. Adverse childhood experiences within families have been found to come with detrimental repercussions as far as an individual’s mental and physical health is concerned (Anna E. Austin, 2014). However, various theoretical orientations are used to explain different tendencies and prescribe intervention mechanisms for patients. Precious stars in a movie by the same name and exposes the life of a significantly abused girl. Her childhood experiences were enormously traumatic with a substantial evidence of betrayal. Adlerian therapy is considerably pivotal mainly because it is goal-oriented besides the fact that it empowers clients to remain in control of their destiny. In other words, Adlerian therapy empowers individuals to overcome their fears by equipping them with an alternative view of what life has to offer. This paper explores how concepts of Adlerian therapy can be instrumental in helping Precious make sense of life.
Client History Precious is a sixteen year old girl who lives with her parents in New York City’s ghetto of Harlem. It is a considerably dysfunctional family especially considering the fact that her father is mostly absent from home. She constantly interacts with her unemployed mother who is exceptionally abusive. Her mother subjects Precious to…

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