Exploring The Accelerated Nursing Program Essay

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Exploring the Accelerated Nursing Program
Introduction to Nursing
Karissa Rice
University of Missouri – Kansas City

Over the years, nursing has become a growing field. There has been talk since I can remember in high school about the shortage of nursing. The field is requiring more nurses as previous nurses are retiring and a variety of field’s are expanding. The shortage is still seen today, it is thought the nursing shortage will become more serious within 10 years (Ellis & Hartley, 2012, P.33). The populations of people who are a nurse now plan to retire within the next ten years. Another factor to consider in the shortage of nursing is the amount of patients that will grow within the next decade. The baby boom generations are starting to enter their senior year, which results in a rise of patient care in medical facility (Ellis & Hartley, 2012, P.33). A fix to a couple of these situations can be resolved by attending an accelerated program for nursing. An accelerated program will allow an individual to obtain the training one need in order to become a nurse. This will allow for a quicker recover in the nursing shortage than a basic educational opportunity like an associate or baccalaureate degree. The accelerated nursing program will allow an individual with a previous bachelor degree to complete an advance practice degree in nursing for an outcome of producing more registered nurses (Journal of Professional Nursing, 29, 6, 395-401). The…

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