Exploring Potential Interpersonal And Intrapersonal Barriers Essay

2010 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 9 Pages
Prior to going into the work force, I feel that it is important to understand potential interpersonal and intrapersonal barriers that lead to behaviour change and how to respond in a positive manner to encourage change. As an exercise professional our primary goal is to enhance our clients way of life and to lead them to healthier habits, mentally and physically. To understand how to better one’s life and positively influence them you must understand the principals underlying their specific cognitive behaviour and therapies that may benefit them cognitively and behaviourally. After twelve weeks of studying behavioural change and motivational interviewing in a population that target rehabilitation, mentally or physically, I have learnt more than I thought possible. After four weeks of studying concepts of person-centred therapy and practising motivational interviewing I was exposed to a simulated patient and was to develop a rapport and determine how I could potentially benefit them in ways they wish to change. Firstly I, the interviewer (1) built a rapport with the client (2) through physical contact and introductions in section 1a and 2a. To continue with building rapport , in section 1b through to 2e, I spoke with the client about her business and how it influences her life. An important concept of motivational interviewing is a framework called RULE, where I was attempting to gauge the ‘U’ which stands for understand the client and explore and the ‘L’ which stands for…

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