Exploring New Worlds And Civilizations Will Have Been Made Possible By Cutting Edge Technology : The Tele Transporter

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Sydney French
December 5, 2014
Intro to Philosophy
Paper #2

Who is Alex?

In 3014, the opportunity to explore new worlds and civilizations will have been made possible by cutting-edge technology: the tele-transporter. The tele-transporter will essentially scan every cell while simultaneously destroying them and an identical replication of the person will be composed at the desired destination. All memories and characteristics will remain intact, therefore, the dilemma at hand is whether or not an individual would be the same person they were before and after a journey of successively tele-transporting. I argue that the person in question, Alex, would in fact be the same person. Rather than the physical body, personal identity and psychological continuity are essential in deciding if he is the same person after each act of tele-transportation. I will discuss what makes up personal identity, the relation between personal identity and psychological continuity, and why Alex would be the same person even if a specific complication during his travels were to arise.
First off, personal identity cannot easily be reduced down to just the physical body. It cannot even be reduced to the brain, but what the brain holds. Only the psychological characteristics of a person are what is necessary for personal identity. A person’s personal identity is defined by their own unique thoughts, beliefs, emotions, desires and preferences, personality, and so on and so forth. However, for…

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