Exploring Myself Identity : The Phase Of Discovery And Exploration

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Exploring Myself Identity
During the phase of exploration in adolescents and young adults, one’s self concept and self esteem substantially change. Erik Erikson, developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst is recognized for his theory on psychosocial development divided in 8 stages of human development. Erikson claims that adolescents face a substantial psychological turmoil as they encounter an identity crisis (Feldman, 385). Identity vs. identity confusion stage is the phase of discovery and exploration. In this stage adolescents eventually make choices about their personal, occupational, sexual, and political commitments. Erikson’s claims that teenagers struggle in this stage because teenagers are making efforts to successfully choose an appropriate identity which is influenced by peers, society and their personal traits (Felman, 385). Marcia, a psychologist during 1990s was influenced by Erikson and suggested that the development of identity is either crisis or commitment. Like Erikson, Marcia focused on identity inclusively illustrated in four categories of Adolescent development. Using Marcia’s identity statuses, I best identify my present identity status as progressive in three of the following domains: relationships, occupation, and religious ideology differ due to different levels of interest and investment in time.
The evolution of my identity has become a history of chaos and order. My life experiences during my teenage years were difficult. As I began high…

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