Essay about Exploring Identity Creation Through Instagram

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Exploring identity creation through Instagram


The definition of the word Instagram is derived from two key aspects: 1) ‘Insta’ comes from instant camera, a type of vintage camera that self-develops its film. 2) ‘gram’ is a shortened version of ‘telegram’, (Collins Dictionary, n.d.) which means a message sent via electricity or radio and is printed on before it gets posted to a home or office. ( From the combined meanings, Instagram is then launched on June 6, 2010 primarily as mobile application that allows users to snap a photo, apply filters to the photo taken and upload it on the mobile software ( Users “disseminate” their message in a form of images, instead of printing it. The pictures on Instagram carry more than just pixels in perfect squares, it bears a persuasive message that speaks for the sender (Bevins, 2014). According to Heddernan (2013), Instagram changes how we behave, as projected by the site’s generic trademarks: “selfies” shot in bathroom mirrors, feet, lattes and skies. A research question can be outlined from that statement: By sharing their lives in a form of images for the public scrutiny, will that change their self-representations? How does Instagram play a part in affecting their self-esteem? This literature review will then provide explanation through which existing bodies of research concerning the regulation of users’ identities on social networking sites may amalgamate to produce a theoretical…

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