Exploring Gambling Addiction Assistance Resources For Seniors

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Exploring Gambling Addiction Assistance Resources for Seniors in San Diego County

Seniors are just as susceptible to gambling addiction as people in other age groups. This unfortunate problem can ruin a person’s life; it can wipe out bank accounts, wreak havoc among family members and friends, and even cause a person to lose everything. If you think that an elder in your life is showing the signs of a gambling addiction, you can help that individual by exploring the possibilities in terms of recovery resources. Most (if not all) people are unequipped to fight this kind of mental health issue without assistance.

If the elderly individual in your life lives in San Diego County, you might find an impressive assortment of resources available to help. Gambling addiction may be even more of an issue than ever, now that most people have access in one form or another to the Internet. Whether the senior you know is unable to stop gambling online or makes frequent trips to the nearest casino, finding help nearby is a wise strategy. If you’re unable to attend every counseling session or group meeting with your elder, you may wish to hire a caregiver from a licensed home care agency to perform that task. These are a few of the options available for gambling addiction assistance in San Diego County.

Free Assistance for Gambling Addiction

Many senior citizens who suffer from gambling addiction are unable to afford private treatment. This may be especially true of someone who has…

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