Essay On Explorer Parenting

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The explorer conditioning technique (ECT): Treat a new task as a quest for new discoveries. To be able to perform at your peak, you have to love what you are doing. Whether it’s acting, bartending or washing dishes, you have to learn to love what you do. One way to achieve this is to technically act like any explorer would, which is to be thrilled by something new every day (or treat everything as such even when it’s not new). It should be as if each task you were making were coming together as pieces of a puzzle, or should we say, it should give you the same thrill you get when you are working on a puzzle.
When you visualize the thrill that an explorer has when he comes across a “rare piece” (artifact) or a what he was actually looking
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In that example consider the aspirin to be the ETC technique enabling you to overcome the obstacles stopping you from performing at your peak.
This instant mood enhancer can be practice in your car, as soon as a new project is submitted to you, before starting a house choir, etc.
Now try the technique and experience its powers overnight:
Place yourself in front of the mirror, early in the morning before starting the exercise. The whole thing will last more than 3 minute, as you will be asked to take your time through each step so that you can master the technique.
-First, release the muscles on your neck, and bend it forward. Slowly, count to 5 when you start relaxing your muscles and count to 5 again when you bend forward. Do it slowly so you can feel each movement.
-Then, exhale and let the air smoothly come out of your mouth, by straightening your head and slightly opening your mouth. Here, again be very mechanical and count to 10 as you exhale and slowly straightened your head and slightly open your

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