Exploratory Essay on Unhealthy Food

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Why Should Unhealthy Foods Be Taxed Around The World?

An Exploratory Essay
Nicholas Jackson
Goldey - Beacom College

Why Should Unhealthy Foods Be Taxed Around The World?
An Exploratory Essay I normally eat French toast sticks with bacon or waffles with bacon for breakfast in the morning because it is the most convenient for me - it comes in a pre-cooked package that I could throw in the microwave and be ready in the minutes – and it tastes good to me. Even though it may taste good to me and will settle for a breakfast meal for my stomach, I know it isn’t good for my body in the long run. However, after reading some of the writings of food activist Gary Sacks, I began to think more about what I should be eating healthy foods
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However, we rarely look at the ingredients to know if it is unhealthy for us. This research project is to look deeper into why foods a beginning to receive a 10% increase of tax prices.
To begin the process on answering my research questions, I wanted to get a hint on the reason why foods are being taxed throughout the world. Not just in the United States, and whether I could research anything that will explain more in depth on the 10% increase of taxation on foods.
Besides me trying to make my search narrow and simple, my search for sources showed a lot more information then I thought it would be. I went through all the all the possible sources to see if I noticed any possible sources that I recognized. The first source that I stumbled upon was a letter from New York Times titled “Bad Food? Tax It” published in 2011. I kept this source because The New York Times is a popular, commonly used newspaper and “Bad Food” in the title struck me too because I usually eat fast foods. The thing that pushed me more onto this source was a link between sweetened soft drinks and Type 2 diabetes were stated as being strongly connected. This opened my eyes because I drink a lot of sweet soft drinks. But, the increase in people eating unhealthy foods would increase sellers’ thoughts about the taxing because it would be beneficial for their sales. I knew I had to further my research on this topic because it has information about it but not enough to fulfill

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