Exploration Of The Human Rights Principles From A Systems Perspective

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Exploration of the Human Rights Principles from A Systems Perspective (Daisha)

Crucial Roles Impacting Refuges (Fatima) According to Hutchison “culture is a set of common understandings, manifest in act and artifact (Hutchison, p. Number, 2012). Due to the fact that refugees come to America with a higher expectation of a better life, they end up with the deception of the reality of how people live in America. For example, after they arrive in the states, refugees are oftentimes surprised that all of the necessary things that a person needs to live is given to them pre-owned or used (Gigi, personal communication, October 17, 2016). Not being aware of people 's hard work to make their own dreams a reality and build their own beautiful life, is surprising to refugees who expect this change to be as luxurious as the media makes it seem. Gigi, a speaker at the Catholic Family Center, shared a similar experience when he went to pick up a refugee at the airport. The first thing she asked him for was the iPhone 6, which had just come out. Unfortunately, he had to explain to her that he didn’t even own an iPhone 6, and that expecting an expensive new object is not how life work in the states (Gigi, personal communication, October 17, 2016). As shown by Gigi’s experience, social media is driven by lies which make refugees hungry for the prestige they think is offered.
When refugees arrive from their original country to the United States, they are expected to learn, transition, and…

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