Exploration of the Digital World Essay

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Exploration of the digital world
My chosen research topic is the natural dietary supplement Spirulina. Spirulina is a simple one-celled microscopic blue-green algae with the scientific name of “Arthrospira platensis”. It is grown in tropical, high salt alkaline waters where there is strong sunlight and a pollution free environment. The algae is harvested and spray dried and presents in a powder form for further processing. By volume Spirulina has unusually high concentrations of proteins, vitamins & minerals when compared to other plant and animal based nutritional sources, for this reason Spirulina has attracted growing interest from the health and beauty industries.

Researching A Small Cell With A Big Future
I began researching my
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Right up until this point, I had been sucked into believing the hype that I had been fed on social media about spirulina being an easy to produce, plentiful miracle organism. As claims were made on the social media sites that the US FDA had approved all Spirulina products as GRAS (Generally recognised as safe), with further research I came across the original submission. In July 2011 the FDA approved the Spirulina grown and harvested by a company named RFI inc a food ingredient manufacture as safe for human consumption at a dosage level of 1.32g per day, not spirulina in general. The documentation continues on to inform that both animal and human studies of the organism were conducted to ascertain the toxicity of the RFI inc Spirulina cells and also the effect on the body. Yet the way it is being portrayed in social media is that the US FDA have analysed spirulina and given it the all clear in general, when only a very specific Spirulina variant (Spirulina Platensis) has been evaluated.

My Conclusions Of My Research Experience

What my experience demonstrates is that as a research tool, social media does not provide an entirely balanced and informative approach. Social media is more a reflection of people’s positive or negative experiences with a product, rather than a complete analysis of all of the facts. While it is very useful for seeing how people

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