Exploration Of Destruction And Its Effects On The Earth Essay

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Exploration to Destruction Since man has been put on the Earth there has always been a curiosity for the unknown, especially for what lies beyond the Earth. We have gone from only being able to see the moon and stars with our naked eyes to studying Pluto and landing on the Moon. There are many different ways that we discover planets and many different components that we study. Some examples of what we use to find planets are the Doppler Effect, Astrometry, Transit Photometry, and Direct Imaging. Once we have found a planet we study it as thoroughly as possible with the technology that we have. Formulas are a large part of that study. Without formulas and deductive reasoning based off of our remote observations there would be almost no way to know anything about other planets. We can learn how far away a planet is from us through many formulas, one being the parallax method and another being Kepler’s third law, although now they are replaced by measuring how long it takes to receive the echo of a radar signal that we sent. Measuring that signal would also require a formula. Newton’s Laws and Kepler’s Laws can also be used to findother beneficial information, such as a planet’s mass. Knowing a planet’s mass can lead to learning more about its geological activity, composition, interior structure, magnetic field, and atmosphere. Once the volume and mass is obtained it is easier to learn more about the planet through the density. We can learn more about what is on the inside…

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