Exploration And Navigation Of Christopher Columbus Essay

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From the earliest of times it has been human nature to explore. Exploration and Navigation is still part of our lives today, though we are now exploring outer space. In the 15th and 16th Centuries, Europeans wanted to trade with those in the far east. In order to do this by land, the Europeans had to cross various countries’ land, including the Ottoman Empire, to get to the East. These navigators, were able to develop routes to the East by sea that became easier for European nations. Each navigator showed courage to discover paths and build off of what other explorers had done before them. Bartolomeu Dias showed courage when sailing around the Cape of Good Hope, establishing a way by sea to get to the east. Christopher Columbus showed courage by sailing west to try to find a way to Asia. Amerigo Vespucci showed courage defying traditional thought to believe that what Columbus had discovered was not Asia. He was also willing to sail into uncertainty as he went down the South American coast. Ferdinand Magellan showed his courage when he crossed the Pacific Ocean in order to reach the East. He also chose not to shy away from battle. All of these explorers embarked on voyages because of their motivation by either God, glory or gold.
Born in Portugal, Bartolomeu Dias was a Portuguese navigator who embarked on a series of voyages along the coast of Africa for the nation he had lived in for his entire life. He was born to a wealthy family in Portugal so he received an education at…

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