Essay about Exploration And Analysis Of The Topic Sex Trafficking

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Exploration and analysis of the topic
Sex trafficking
Sex trafficking has been known to be a complex situation driven or created by economic, social and cultural factors found within a given society. Some of these factors are meant for specific patterns exercised in sex trafficking. There are various patterns that are generally found in sex trafficking in varied regions. The major factor is the victim 's desire to migrate and this eventually leads to exploitation (Bernat, 2011). The root cause of trafficking varies and includes the following; oppression, poverty, political instability, civil unrest, militarism, unavailability of economic or social opportunity, internal armed wars, results in increased sex trafficking.
The root cause of sex trafficking
Just like drugs and arms, sex trafficking is a market driven crime based on the principle of demand and supply. There are various factors that thrive the demand of sex victims and include the following;
a) High profits because there are individuals who are willing to buy, thus creating a market. It is profitable for traffickers who exploit others.
b) Low risk associated with the vice because those involved with, are not aware of it. Also laws regulating the vice doesn’t exist, while enforcers of the same doesn’t prosecute the offenders.
Displacement and destabilization of the people increase their vulnerability, thus exploited and abused. War as well as civil unrests leads to population displacement, thus…

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