Explication Of Sustainable Farming : Wes Jackson Made A Statement About Sustainable Farmers

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Explication of Sustainable Farming
Wes Jackson made a statement about sustainable farming. Wes believes that traditional farming techniques are never going to be “sustainable” because as humans, we can never actually be sustainable. Wes’s statement can be summed up in three points: sustainability is beyond the stretch of humanity’s efforts in the long-run, today’s agriculture is a mistake, and organic farming even when done right, is not sustainable. Before reading into Wes’s statement, the definition of sustainability, in regards to ecology and environmentalism, must be clear. According to the Oxford Dictionary, sustainability is the conservation of ecological balances of natural resources. Wes believes that sustainability is past the scope of human intervention. After seeing nature’s work with different plants like the perennial wheat, Wes is convinced that only nature can handle the full aspect of sustaining an ecosystem properly. As humans, we cannot make correct decisions all the time. Wes’s means that over-time, land will be passed from person to person, and as long as humans are trying to keep land producing to our heightened needs, sustainability is not possible. Nature, through the means of natural selection, slowly produce adapted plants that fit their needs for repopulation. Plants and all organisms that survive, more easily survive when their attributes favor their reproductions because without reproduction genes cannot be passed on. Fallible human beings so…

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