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As I approach, in my vehicle, the intersection of a smaller road and a larger road, and the light rain soaks my small horse-drawn wagon, I peer over my shoulder at the road as it fades into the distance. I notice on the road’s hill, which is now shining from the wet of the rain, distinctly still, myself and a girl’s silhouette enveloped in darkness during the dry month of March’s weather. We walked up the hill beside the open carriage. We had just gotten down to help take some of the weight of the strong and steady pony’s back when he let out a sigh and reduced his speed.

What went on while we walked up that hill, and what we spoke of is not of any importance, as is what happened after our walk; something in this life that couldn’t be stopped without harsh reasoning that leads to a loss of hope and emotions fleeing. This moment lasted very briefly. However, I wonder if there has ever been a moment of such a nature, leading up until now or before then, in that hill’s history. For me, there has never been such a moment, though that hill has been traversed, quickly and aptly or poorly and hurting, by a great many others.

Rock from the beginning of time forms each side of the road’s edges, and much have they seen there, beginning and end, of all that is fleeting in the history of the Earth. What these rocks reflect in color and shape is that the two of us walked past.
For me, though Time is unforgiving with its passing in a thoughtless routine and has taken away…

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