Explication In 'Did I Miss Anything' By Tom Wayman

How awesome is it to read another person 's work? It 's great! But it 's even better if the reader can fully understand each line that the author has written in the poem, each sentence of the book, or even each gesture that the characters do in a play. This kind of close reading is known as, poetry explication; this is a somewhat short analysis in which the reader looks for possible meanings and relationship of the words, images, and other small assemblage that the writer uses to make up an original poem. When the writer uses explication in his/her writing it is very effective for the reader to connect the poem 's plot and conflicts with its structural features. "Did I Miss Anything?," by Tom Wayman is a short poem about a student who mistakenly …show more content…
Every writer uses at least one specific device in their novel, play, short story, or poem in order to make their piece of literature unique and effective. Just like poet Tom Wayman used in his poem, "Did I Miss Anything," the poet used poetic devices such as: rhetorical language, diction, and structure to make his poem well-structured and easy to understand. The reader could immediately understand that the tone of voice that the writer used was sarcastic. Therefore, the theme of the story and poem will reveal the professor 's opinions on rhetorical questions or statements and how people should respond with sarcasm to their inarticulate questions and statements. By fully comprehending the poem, the reader can easily relate to what the writer is trying to convey. The author will not always go straight to the point and tell the reader, "In my opinion," "I believe," or "what I 'm trying to get across is that," etc. If the writer went straight to the point or just wrote whatever he/she was feeling at that time, than the piece of literature will not be worth reading. Although poems are short, the writer still gives the reader a chance to solve the mystery of what is written in a poem, a mystery that can only be solved by gathering pieces of information; the information are gathered in each stanza of the poem.. Although there are millions of stories that are the same, it is important to carefully read and identify the small details that the author has deliberately put together for the reader to enjoy and

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