Explanations and Treatment of Abnormal Behaviour Schizophrenia

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Explanations and Treatment of Abnormal Behaviour
Schizophrenia is a type of abnormal psychology. Abnormality can be defined in three ways as a deviation from statistical norm, a deviation from the social norms and cultural relativism. However there are problems with defining abnormalities in terms of a system that relies on subjective judgment of a person’s behaviour. For example, someone experiencing hallucinations in Puerto Rico would be attributed to external forces (e.g. Spiritual visitations). However in the western world, the same hallucinations would be considered abnormal (Berry et al 1992).
Mental Disorders are classified today by using, The Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) criteria 295.40
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* Delusions, both delusions of grandeur and delusions of persecution. * Control, the sufferer may feel that they have a lack of self control as some other power is in control of their lives * Disordered thinking, the person may feel thoughts are missing or have been inserted into their minds.

The psychodynamic approach
This approach sees schizophrenia as the result of the collapse of the ego. As it is the ego’s job to control the id’s impulses and balance the selfish demands of the id and the superego’s moral restraints. According to the Freudians, the result of abnormal childhood can result in the ego being undermined and, its ability to contain the id’s demands is then limited. This can lead to the ego being ‘split’ by its attempt to contain the id, leaving the id in overall control of the mind.
Should this happen; the sufferer may lose contact with reality and can no longer distinguish between themselves and others, their fantasies and reality, because the ego is necessary to do this. They regress into a psyche controlled solely by the id little different from that of a child, dominated by the pleasure principal, incapable of organizing their own behaviour and hallucinating as a result of their incapacity to distinguish between their own fact and fiction.
Freudians would suggest that psychoanalysis would treat this disorder, by identifying the underline cause of the problem through

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