Explain Why Islam Should Be Banned In America Essay

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“Do not judge a book by it’s cover.” This statement goes along with people, too. Just because someone may have a different skin color or believe in another God does not make them bad people, it just makes them different from others. The United States government should never be allowed to ban a certain group of people, in this case the seven chosen Islam believing countries. The countries Trump decided to ban from the U.S. are Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and Sudan. In short, there should be no (Muslim) ban in place over America. Furthermore, Muslims have been placed under an untrue stereotype that makes them viewed as dangerous and as terrorists. Although some groups under the Muslim belief are extreme terrorists, this does not …show more content…
About ten percent of all physicians in America are Muslims, this proves that not everyone who believes in Allah is bad—in general or for the country. Some people complain about how Muslim immigrants take up government money, space in schools, and jobs, but everyone has the right to go to school and be free. Immigrants have discovered scientific breakthroughs on brain tumors and chemotherapy treatments, along with trying to get rid of civil rights. Jazz is one type of music that Muslims have started to bring back. All of these touch on different topics that America is well known for: technology and science, music, rights. To emphasize, if the government reinforces the seven country ban then the United States will suffer from it, some way or another. Therefore, being Muslim doesn't automatically make someone a bad person. Believing in Allah or living in a certain country should never get someone banned from the United States. Again, no one should ever be denied protection or be viewed under a false stereotype. The government says they banned the chosen seven Muslim countries to protect Americans and the U.S., but the ban wouldn't and doesn't benefit the country completely. In conclusion, everyone should work together and stand up for the several groups of people who are discriminated against, plus save their

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