Explain Why Is Salt A Better Preservative Than Sugar

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Register to read the introduction… To test this experiment first one would need instant oatmeal, sugar, salt, a red light bulb, a spray bottle, a plastic bin with lid (Not Clear), a table spoon, bowls, a spoon, a thermometer, a humidity thermometer and duct tape. The first thing to do would be to make three identical bowls of oatmeal. Then to mix a tablespoon of salt into one bowl and label it salt, then mix a tablespoon of sugar into the other bowl and label it sugar and finally leave the final bowl with nothing in it. Next one would need to leave the three bowls out over night so they could be contaminated. Then place the three bowls of oatmeal into the plastic bin, stick on the thermometers and attach and turn on the light bulb. For the next five days every twelve hours the oatmeal needs to be sprayed with water. The temperature, humidity and current state of the oatmeal must be …show more content…
The experimental data supported the hypothesis, indicating that salt is a better preservative than sugar. This was shown through the experiment where three bowls of oatmeal were placed in a dark warm environment, one bowl had a tablespoon of sugar in it, one bowl had a tablespoon of alt in it and the last bowl was just plain oatmeal. When place in the dark warm environment the plain oatmeal molded in just 36 hours, this showed that the sugar and salt were both working as a preservative for the oatmeal. The second bowl of oatmeal that contained the sugar molded in 72 hours while the oatmeal with the salt took 84 hours to mold. Through the research it was evident that there was experimental error such as in the beginning the temperature went from 68°F to the steady 94°F and how the oatmeal was not precisely and evenly distributed. Also the plain oatmeal may have contributed to the molding in the other two but that is unconfirmed. The data for this experiment shows that salt works as a better preservative than sugar, when in a controlled environment. Perhaps if the oatmeal was in a different setting the results might be

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