Explain What You Have Done To Prepare Yourself To Be A Sergeant At The West Des Moines Police Department

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Explain what you have done to prepare yourself to be a first line supervisor. You may expand upon items that are listed in your resume including education, training and positions held in the department to include extra duty assignments.
I have been preparing myself to be a first line supervisor in a police organization for many years. I started my career in law enforcement as a Military Police Officer at the age of 17. I rose to the rank of Sergeant in five years. That was my first taste of leadership. I was the assistant squad leader and team leader, responsible for solider supervision and development. I was tasked with following orders and giving orders to accomplish the Military mission.
I have sought out various extra duty assignments
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I also strive to be a good example for others to emulate. I believe this is why I have been chosen for critical duty assignments through out my career and why I am ready to be a first line supervisor for the City of West Des Moines.

Explain why you want to be a sergeant at the West Des Moines Police Department and why this is the right time in your career to be selected for this opportunity.
I have wanted to be a sergeant at the West Des Moines Police Department for several years. A bachelor’s degree is required in order to be eligible for promotion, which I did not have in years past. I put myself through school and obtained my bachelors degree in 2014 so I could be eligible for this process.
I have been fortunate to be an instructor in various areas over my career. I have established a reputation as being very knowledgeable and proficient in many areas. I am very knowledgeable of police policy, procedures, and operations through experience and self-study. I practice what I preach, in that I promote moral, ethical, and legal behavior in my actions and decisions I
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I learn from others and can see from their point of view. I am motivated, objective, persistent, observant, objective, and passionate. I utilize all these attributes in my career, whether I am interacting with co-workers, members of the community, suspects, victims, witness. These also are very observable when I am instructing in any number of areas.
I have strong interpersonal communication, group communication, and presentation attributes that have been nurtured, refined, and improved through my interactions and presentations at work and in college. I am able to motivate, guide, and inspire others through my words and actions. I am patient, tolerant, trusting, selfless, sincere and thoughtful.
I have an ethical commitment to this organization, which I have been a member of for over 26 years. I hold myself accountable for my actions prior to holding others accountable. I am fair and impartial and am able to recognize and set aside personal biases.

I have demonstrated leadership ability to move others towards a common goal through my work at the local and state level with the Veterans of Foreign Wars. In those positions, coupled with my instructor responsibilities, union leadership positions, and as a graduate student have shown my ability for organization, planning, time management, human relations, and multitasking

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