Explain Three Models Of Social Policy Essay examples

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2. Define and explain three models of social policy. Identify two policy process frameworks and explain what policy change is, and what factors impact policy development? What are the six policy tasks in the policy development process?

Social policy is defined as a course of action or inaction chosen by public authorities to address an issue that deals with human health, safety, or well-being; public authorities can include, but are not limited to, those who work directly with service users, bureaucrats working in international organizations, and elected officials of all levels of government. A number of theorists believe that social policy is concerned with the public administration of welfare services, that is, the formulation, development, and management of the specific services of government at all levels, such as health, education, income maintenance, and welfare services (Song 2016). It is important to note though that social policy decision on the international and governmental levels reflect the values and beliefs acceptable to the dominant stakeholders at the time that the policy decision is taken, as well as the significance in having variance between culture to culture (Song 2016). This means that social policy could possibly take several forms, which have been theorized over the years by theorists with various ideologies, nationalities, and perspectives.

Richard Titmuss (1974), a British social researcher, defined three models or functions of social policy:…

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