Explain The Theme Of False Hope In Of Mice And Men And Only Daughter '

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Themes Analysis Dreams and aspirations are a key thing to your life. To everyone's life, and you can't let false hope stop you from your dream because in of Mice and Men and Only Daughter, the authors develop the themes of false hope and dreams which contribute to having a positive or a negative impact of the characters.
First of all, the author John Steinbeck mentions false hope when Crooks experiences verbal abuse from Curley’s wife. In of Mice and Men, Crooks experiences false hope of his dream to join George and Lennie to start a farm. Curley’s wife gives him false hope by verbally abusing Crooks. According to the text, Curley’s wife said “Well, you keep your place then, Nigger.
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After Sandra had 6 years of college, her father thought that she would get a husband at the time, but she did not end up getting one. Her father is disappointed in her, resulting to Sandra losing her father’s approval. Sandra explains “After four years of college and two years to graduate, and still no husband, my father shakes his head even now and says I wasted so much education” (Cisneros). Sandra experiences false hope because she loses something that is important to her, her father's approval. He disapproves of her not having a husband, wasting time on education, and being a …show more content…
“But that aloneness, that loneliness, was good for a would-be writer-it allowed me time to think, to imagine, to read, and prepare myself” (Cisneros). In this quote, it explains the loneliness feeling that she receives and impacts her negativity, but also that loneliness leads her to be a writer. The reader can see that this is a bitter-sweet moment for Sandra and that the loneliness was false hope to get to her father’s approval; however, that loneliness thrives to her profession. These quotes gave some form of false hope to a character, though at the end, they still got what they deserve.
In conclusion, you can learn that gloomy events can change a person’s dream negatively from of mice and men and only daughter. The authors of of Mice and Men and Only Daughter, you can see both stories have some kind of negative feeling from a main character, and you can also see that the main character affected another character

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