Explain The Relationship Of His View On Natural Philosophy And His Dualism About Mind And Matter

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The thought of understanding the nature and understanding ourselves, although it may be common to take it for granted, has undergone development to the point that it is now. In 17th century when Rene Descartes (1596 – 1650) was around, the world and therefore the human were understood according to the teaching of Aristotle. Furthermore, Descartes ambition was to revolutionise this view and the first step in doing so was to start from the beginning. This essay will aim to explain the relationship of his view on natural philosophy and his dualism about mind and matter. Before presenting Descartes ' natural philosophy there must be explained the difference in between appearance and reality. Appearance is the world measured by our perception and therefore senses. If it is the case that appearance is found through perception, then our understanding of the world is measured by the organism that perceives – the body. Reality, on the other side, goes beyond appearance and is there regardless of our perception therefore, to have contact with it, it must be done so through mental faculties or supposably through technology. Descartes ' natural philosophy is proposing that there is only one physical object which constitutes the nature. This physical object leads to a state of plenum where there is no space in between these objects. To make this more clearer, in the language of appearance the lamp is the same with the desk and what is perceived as two objects are merely modal…

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