Explain The Relationship Between Your Employment, And Why You Came

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Explain the relationship to your employment, and why you came to this realization by your employment.

Over the last three years, started in November 2013 to 2016, for days, weeks, and months, I have been working in a high pressure job and hostile work environment that has made me sick and had me going to Employee Concerns on Issues, my Doctor for medication for job-related stress, Deputy Director Frank Wright on issues, requested to be put on Family Medical Leave (FMLA), talked to Office of Inspector General (OIG), asked for help through Union Representative, reached out to Human Resource for guidance, reached out to my Congressman and filed a complaint, referred from both my doctor and EAP to Psychologist, Physical Therapist, and therefore, I’m in the process of filing EEO Complaints. With the repetitive mentally and physically traumatic activities that has extended over a period of time, this combined effect causes my need for medical treatment. This work environment included insults, harassment, retaliation, abuses, back stabbing, and belittling. On 01/16/2014, the negative work-related relationship has cause me so much stress, that my body started to reacted and the doctor prescribed medications as part of the treatment for my anxiety, headaches, severe depression and insomnia. Also, I have been diagnosed with a Sciatica Nerves condition (occur when the body has been subjected to a high level of stress and anxiety for a prolonged period of times) where the…

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