Explain the Relationship Between Discipline and Obedience from the Montessori Perspective. Explain How Discipline and Obedience Are Linked to the Development of the Will.

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There are various theories explaining the development of discipline and obedience in early childhood. Montessori perspective establishes a link between these two concepts and how their maturation is dependent on the maturation of the will of the child. This essay will attempt to explain the relationship between discipline and obedience in the developmental stages of a child. Attention will be paid to how the environment helps the child in his development through the stages according to Montessori.

According to Oxford dictionary, ‘to discipline is to train to obey rules and code of conduct, using punishment to correct disobedience’. In the traditional sense of discipline much emphasis is placed on the use of external stimuli
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From the definitions above it is clear that the development of the will of the child precedes obedience and the child relies on this maturation of the will to develop his internal discipline.

Discipline and obedience in a Montessori perspective can be discussed in an atmosphere of freedom. Children are active learners in the right environment. Thus a favourable environment which is ‘ the sum total of the objects which a child can freely choose and use as he pleases, that is to say, according to his needs and tendencies’ (Montessori 2007, P 65)bolsters the child’s inner need to explore and investigate, supports a child natural’s quest to learn and grow. This freedom not only allows the child to progress in his or her own pace; it also fosters the child’s inner discipline.

A child’s freedom as explained to him from the beginning of his life in a Montessori class is liberating. The child has freedom to (inter alia) choose activities, repeat activities, movement, speech and rest. As this child chooses activities according to his own interest and repeats these activities he learns to know himself better and he finds his inner discipline and calmness through increased concentration and a sense of independence. Through self- discipline, the child is in better control of himself and he is able to

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