Explain The Principles That Underpin Children's Play And Learning

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There are a variety of values and principles which underpin children and young people’s play and learning. Within childcare a child centred approach underpins good practice. A child centred approach involves putting the child first. Each child should be treated on an individual basis and this means that each child’s needs will be different. It is important that a practitioner supports the pupil’s voice and involves them in their own learning. Involvement is not only the child’s right but it is also beneficial to learning because it allows children to take control of their own learning. I have witnessed in placement this being put into practice. I have seen practitioners asking the children how they would like the different areas of the classroom …show more content…
This means that practitoners offer everyone the opportunity to participate. This means assessing each child's abilities and providing access to rich and stimulating environments. If a child has a disability this should not be an obstacle. instead this should be an opportunity for the practitioner to adapt their teaching and enviroments to help that child to achieve. Another value that underpins play and learning is having respect for the children. This includes focusing on each child as an individual and focusing on their needs and interests. Each child will have their own abilities and it is the practitioners role to support and challenge them. This means understanding limitations but also providing risks and challenges that will develop their learning further. It is important that a practitioner is aware of their own role in play and their responsibilities. Through the means of enhanced provision a practitioner can draw out as many skills and learning objectives as they want. However the practitioner must also be aware of the value of holding back and allowing the child to direct their own play opportunities through the means of free choice. This is often more effective, especially through observation as the practitioner will be able to observe skills being developed naturally. Play is a child's way of validating and exploring the world around

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