Explain the Potential Effects of Five Different Life Factors on the Development of an Individual

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Explain the potential effects of five different life factors on the development of an individual There are five different types of factors that can influence the development an individual for example, lifestyle influences, socio-economic influences, genetic influences, biological influences and environmental influences. Lifestyle In relation to Stephen, a lifestyle factor could be alcohol. If Stephen had taken alcohol these would have been the effects that would or could have happened. Many people when growing up come across people who are dealing with alcohol, especially while he was studying at university.

Physically, alcohol can affect his appearance just for the next few days or long term. Too much use of alcohol can cause great
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Also, he would be more inclined to be involved with sports such as been part of a football team as the parents will have more knowledge about staying fit and healthy. Intellectually, Stephen was naturally intelligent however, as his parents were very successful themselves he would have been more likely to develop further education this is because the parents will be motivating as would too want then to follow their role and become successful. Further education is also something that costs and the support with money is a something that is needed when going onto university as they are higher class they are more likely to be able to afford some of the fees. Stephen will also want to develop totally new intellectual skills that cost for example driving. If Stephen hadn’t of been brought up in a higher class family he would have still been naturally intelligent however, he would of struggled to be able to expand his knowledge further as he wouldn’t have the money to afford it. Emotionally, Stephen’s social class influences his self-concept. In a higher class a person’s self-concept is better as they have more belief and hope in themselves as a person. Therefore, Stephen will mainly have a positive self-concept such as motivated to do something, generally happy with life and have enough self-confidence to cope with new challenges. There are two types of self-concept

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