Explain The Phrase Taking Ownership Of Your Learning

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1. Explain what the phrase “taking ownership of your learning” means to you
Taking ownership of your own learning starts by examining your own educational goals and figuring out what you wish to accomplish. At that point, it 's necessary to determine the objectives, resources, knowledge and time needed to accomplish my goals. Next, honestly evaluate yourself to see if you have what is required, and what is lacking. Having done this, create a plan to accomplish your goals, and to acquire the skills, knowledge, and time necessary to succeed in those goals. This is not done in a vacuum. It involves seeking out help and advice all along the way. It is also an iterative process which repeats itself with every step.
2. To complete this assignment
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Grades and checkoff list can help, but often the goals are linked to skills which ultimately improve grades. My first goal is to improve the brevity of my assignments. For every assignment I divide the finished word count by the minimum word count. If it is greater than 200% I shorten it. Eventually I hope to lower it below 150%.
Is self-motivated to learn and understand; not only driven by grades or external praise.
Grades and external praises can help provide motivation, however, to truly achieve it is important to internalize those motivations. As a young boy I used to shovel snow for money. The better the job the greater the praise I received. Years later, I now shovel my own driveway. Somewhere along the way I grew to enjoy this task, and derive great pleasure in the finished job. By internalizing the motivation I no longer need any external approval to enjoy the task (having a snow blower also helps).
Pushes him/herself to think deeper about issues and draw connections to their personal, academic, and professional
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This is actually why I decided to attend this university. All my life has been one long, and almost compulsive quest for knowledge and skill. The problem is, I have had no guide. For this reason there are gaping holes in my education. A teacher is not what I need. What I need is a person who can point out new paths and ideas which will fill those blind spots.
Learns collaboratively, through peer engagement and feedback.
Learning collaboratively is a label for a process of learning which is part of our evolution as a species. Yes, people can learn independently, but we are social animals. We are the sum of not just ourselves, but all the people we interact with. Your fellow students are part of you, and can extend your vision. Individual thought is important, however, if you add perspectives disciplines and life experiences of others you can deepen your understanding and further your vision.
Seeks out the available resources and understands the scope of the University, its departments, and its learning philosophy and

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