Explain The Pessimist View Of Social Media And Technology

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"Pessimistic" Views of Social Media and Technology
Social media and technological advances has become more popular and prevalent in today's society; affecting every aspect of our lives constantly. We become blind to the risks and its negative impacts. It's amazing to see how easily we get sucked in this "blackhole" of any form of technology. Everyday were coming more and more dependent on its use; taking it for granted as we use it for all the wrong reasons. Social media and technology negatively effects our lives through communication, our actions, and our environment.
Contrary to what many people think, I think technology and social media are two interchangeable concepts with many conflicting aspects that affects us in numerous ways. I can
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It gradually becomes more negative when we fall victims to its ruse as consumer’s, furthermore letting the “side effects” of it get the better of us. All drugs aren’t bad, like most, it benefits us in certain ways, the same claim can be said for technology/social media. Technology and social media can get us from point A to point B, see love ones from afar, reduce pollution in the environment, promote more advanced medical studies, donate money to well-known organizations to stop hunger, and much more. Technology and social media when used properly can be for the greater good despite the fact other may use it with malicious intent, which makes me emphasize my point that as humans we are very selfish by nature, therefore I can assume that the likely hood of us using technology for "good" is quite slim since it opens up so many possibilities for its use to be mainly for our own selfish gains. Realistically speaking, millennials would rather take a video of a burning house before they actually call 911 for help, it's sad that it has gotten to the point that we find most dire things simply entertaining, as to get likes or views. I can relate to that scenario since I witnessed something similar, for starters I was at my friend's house to cook some spaghetti with her, while cutting the tomatoes, her hands slipped and cut deeply into her forefinger. My first reaction was to quickly take her to urgent care, whereas hers was to take a picture of it and post it on Snap Chat while she grimacing in pain and profusely bleeding all over the kitchen counter. All I could do was to stare at her in disbelief; it was a cultural shock to me that she had no sense of self-preservation what so ever. I ended up fussing at her and took her to urgent care but that event

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