Explain the Influences of Two Predictable and Unpredictable Major Life Events

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Harriet Welch
Explain the influences of two predictable and two unpredictable major life events on the development of an individual:
Life stages to talk about
Predictable – * His child Hailie and Getting Married * Moving house
* Leave school * Get scouted and become famous and live his dream

Having a Child -
Eminem was married in his 20’s this was predictable because he had a stable girlfriend and was engaged therefore this led to marriage. The marriage stage in Eminem’s life was the good moments; it was like his life was on track finally. Eminem and Kim had a child together called Hailey. She was a bridesmaid at their wedding. This had a big effect on Eminem’s life because Hailey is his
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He had to start providing for his daughter and also his mum, he had to get a job and make his music his dream. He did it, he talks about it all in his songs; this shows the effect on his development because although he had no help from anyone else he made it, he had the confidence to get out there and make his dream. This must have been extremely hard for him because his mum was an alcoholic, they lived in a trailer. He used to get bullied in school due to not having the things that everyone had due to the lack of income. He had to build his bridge and get over the bad things and try moving himself onto the good things. It’s like he was forced to give up his education because of how important it was for him to start proving himself.
This affected him physically because everyone can see the way he is growing up in this bad way; this could have affected his confidence leading him to feel embarrassed, this situation affected him intellectually because his mind was partly damaged because he wasn’t sure how to get out of the situation he was in this lead to confusion. Confusion affects a person emotionally because they are aggravated about what to do, people become restless. Eminem’s social life would have been affected by this because he was being judged and looked down on because no one liked him, he found it hard to get close to people and trust people this would

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