Explain The Idea Of Checks And Balances Essay

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Explain the idea of checks and balances. Give three examples of this idea in action.

• Checks and balances is basically a safety measure that no branch of government can get too powerful than the other one. The way the federal government is set up with branches each powerful in their own way but each have equal levels of power. So like if the President wants to declare to war on another country he/she can’t without approval from Congress. Congress for example can pass a bill or law but it has to be seen and approved by the President. But in the principle of checks and balances the President can veto the bill that Congress has sent, which would go back to Congress for review. Although the President and Congress can agree bills like banding same sex couples from marrying, the Supreme Court can overrule that on the grounds that it is unconstitutional.

Why is freedom of speech so important, and how has the Supreme Court interpreted it over the last century?

• Free speech is important because for one so many people have died just for speaking up for inequalities and injustices. Without that basic right that all citizen humans are aloud to voice their opinions, state facts or share beliefs to first an injustice to change and knowledge but also prohibits them from being free thinking people. Without free speech many people of color would be silenced today without people who used speech to their advantage. Freedom of speech is to make people aware of things not to demean, harass…

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