Explain The Different Energy Forms Essay

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Explain the different energy forms (e.g. chemical, heat, sound, electrical, light)

There are many types of energy such as chemical, heat, sound, electric and light. Examples of these are electrical coming from kinetic energy the movement of two objects moving together. Then there is chemical energy which is stored in bonds of chemical compounds, the product of chemical energy is heat. This comes from certain objects and sources such as biomass, batteries, natural gas used in central heating; these are all examples of chemical energy which is stored. In relation to the energy in the body the coal is the equivalent of the food and the saliva and chewing of the food is the spark for the energy to be produced, it’s like a little spark for the fire to start.


Explain ‘Conservation of energy’

The Law of Conservation of the energy’, says that energy is neither being created nor destroyed but being transferred from one type of energy to another. An example of this is ‘When you push a book across the table, the energy from your moving arm is transferred from your body to the book, causing the book to move.’


Why is this important in energy metabolism?

This is important in energy…

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