Explain The Basic Precepts Of Gestalt Psychology Essay

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Explain the basic precepts of Gestalt psychology. How is Gestalt psychology different from behaviorism? Also, define phenomenology and provide an example of how researchers might attempt to assess it.
Gestalt psychology is a school of thought that believes all objects and scenes can be observed in their simplest forms. The members of this school believed that we experience the world in meaningful wholes. We do not see isolated stimuli; rather we experience meaningful configurations, or Gestalten. It is important to emphasize that according to Gestalt psychologists, people do not just perceive the world, they actively understand what they see, depending on what they are expecting to see. Gestalt psychology is different from behaviorism in the following aspects: Behaviorist attempted to understand complex behavior in term of habits, conditioned responses or stimulus-response combinations. From the behavioristic perspective, an observable behavior is key rather than an internal cognitive processes. In other words, if learning has occurred, then some sort of observable behavior is seeming. Also, the environment is the shaper of learning and behavior, not individual characteristics. Finally, principles of contiguity and reinforcement are fundamental to explaining the learning process. The behaviorist angle is fundamental to much current educational practice. On the other hand, Gestalt learning theories emphasized perception, insight, and meaning as the key elements of learning.…

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