BIS 155 Final Exam Paper

BIS 155 Final Exams
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(TCO 3) A retail chain keeps daily data with summaries of the dollar amounts of sales for each of 151 different products sold at 23 retail stores. The daily data is tracked by product and by store. At the end of the day each store sends its data to the sales manager at the corporate office. The data is sent in an Excel spreadsheet. Describe a data consolidation strategy and at least two different types of visualization techniques the sales manager can use to analyze the data received from all stores. Be sure to include formulas that are to be used in the Excel spreadsheet.
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Explain how you would use Excel and Excel formulas to analyze this data and organize it to prepare a written report. Be very specific on the variety of tools you would use and the steps you would go through to analyze the data and to ultimately prepare a detailed report with recommendations. (Points : 40)

The use of excel for data analysis is one the best processes that data…
(TCO 1) You are the Payroll Manager for your employer. Your payroll clerk has submitted the worksheet displayed here. All employees earn their regular pay rate times the hours worked plus an overtime bonus of 50% of the hours worked in excess of 40 hours.

Part 1: Write a formula as if it were in Cell E2 that will calculate gross pay. Write the formula so that it may be copied to the other employees without
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Write a formula as if it were in Cell G2 that calculates the union dues (if any) for the first employee. Write the formula.
Part 4: Salaried and Exempt employees (Pay Codes E and S) are covered by the company’s health insurance. The deduction is $10.00 per week. Write a formula as if it were in Cell H2 that calculates the Insurance deduction (if any) for the first employee. Write the formula so that it may be copied to the other employees without modification. (Points : 40)
(TCO 3) You are a Microsoft Office trainer for DeVry University. The training topic for the current month is charts using Microsoft Excel. During each training session from different departments or cohorts, the following frequently asked questions were asked and you decide to create a document formalizing answers and suggestions.
My supervisor, Sally, likes my charts; however, she instructs me to take more time planning my charts before creating the actual chart itself. Why is planning the creation and development of a chart so

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