Explain How You Might Implement Your SPP In Community Setting?

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1. Settings 1.1. Healthcare 1.1.1. Description
A pilot study at Kaiser Permanente’s (KP) healthcare facilities will initiate the project effort by inviting, introducing, and training the health care professionals about the telehealth videophone public health consultant services. A presentation via Skye teleconference calls or in person will be presented by the public health consultant using PowerPoint presentation to address how the program will reduce the barriers exist for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHOH) cardiovascular disease (CVD) patients.
1.1.2. Participants
The participants are (1) healthcare entities, (2) community health stakeholders, (3) grant writers, (4) marketing media (5) computer specialist, (6) biostatisticians, and (7) event coordinator(s).
1.2. Community
1.2.1. DescriptionExplain how you might implement your SPP in community setting
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The participants are the schools (1) superintendent, (2) principle, (3) teachers, (4) parents, (5) nurse, and (6) program coordinator / health educator(s).
1.4. Workplace
1.4.1. Description Explain how you might implement your SPP in workplace setting. Suggested Page limit: ¼ page; double spaced
At the workplace, (1) a mandatory CVD prevention training session establish, 2) recruit patients for enrollment season for KP, and 3) promote CHW to be a part of their workplace supporters for DHOH colleagues by increasing CVD awareness through deaf sensitivity training at the workplace. The mandatory onsite training will provide the employees with the health education knowledge to empower and gain social support for their Deaf colleagues who are of the hearing and non-disabled community in leading social changes in their workplace environment (Fertman & Allensworth, 2010).
1.4.2. Participants Sections 1.3. through 1.4.2. should be on page 3
The participants are (1) the DHOH and hearing co-workers, (2) KP’s community health benefit specialists, (3) event coordinator, and (4) CVD health

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