Explain How To Tell A Parent Who Parks A Bike In The Classroom

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Emergency Plan
Call 911 or
PCC Police and Safety Services at (626) 585-7484

★ Earthquake When the ground is moving… +Drop down on the floor and take cover under a sturdy desk or other furniture. + Hold on to it and prepare to move with it. + You should not rush for the exit.

★ Fire
When fire alarms sound….

+Do not use the elevators. +Walk - do not run - to the nearest exit.

★ Threat (Active Shooter and other violence while in the classroom) When you hear, or notice gunshots and other violence… + GET OUT or HIDE OUT + If a shooter is close, it’s best to find a hiding place—if you are
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Ch 8 Safety Management

1. Tell a parent who brings a pet that families are not allowed to bring pets per our school policy. Explain that the policy prevents children from getting hurt by animals, and some are allergic to animals.

2. Tell a parent who parks a bike in the walkway to the classroom that blocking the walkway is the fire hazard, and the bike might cause the accident in the walkway; a child touches and makes the bike fall on the child.

3. Explain a child that any toys from home are not allowed at the school because it might get lost, also if it is the unsafe toy, explain that it might hurt you and other friends by accident; a friend tries to use it and uses incorrectly which cause injuries to this friend or other people. The toy is securely stored where children can’t reach during the school hours, and contact a parent about the toy policy after school.

4. Explain that “No Teacher No Play” rule at the beginning of the school year orientation. When parents are letting children play in the school playground before/after school, advice the children and family not to play. The sign of “No Teacher No Play” helps parents remember this

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